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out on bail. >>> president obama headed to the bay area. tonight, where secret service agents are already gathering. >>> the new bay bridge set to open earlier than expected. but the changes are going to start in just a few months. >>> i'm juliette goodrich in the east bay where there is a new spin on selling girl scout cookies. take a look! they are going crazy. i'll tell you about this new sales pitch coming up. ,, rocket scientists! you gave us the space age... but your savings accounts are stuck in the stone age! earn more commodore with interestplus savings at that's new school banking, baby! [ laughs ] instead of earning zilch, your savings will be earning three times the national average. three times more? roger that! go online and sign up at what's in your wallet?! this is a live look from s-f-o, where air force one is expected to touch down in abo >>> right now president obama is on his way to the bay area. we have live look for from you sfo, where air force one is expected to touch down in just about 35 minutes. the president will then
. how president obama is piling on the pressure for egypt's president to transfer power and step down. >> super bowl activities turn dangerous. >>> vanity and volunteering, how a shot of botox is helping give back to the community. ,,,,,,,, ♪ stinky ♪ hefty ♪ stinky ♪ hefty ♪ stinky, stinky ♪ hefty, hefty, hefty [ announcer ] hefty bags with unscented odor block technology... help neutralize odors and stop the stinkies. ♪ stinky, stinky, stinky ♪ hefty, hefty, hefty hundred thousand >>> well, they're calling it the day of departure, the biggest demonstration since tuesday. they're demanding that president hosni mubarak leave now. after two days of deadly clashes and 11 days of protesting, the tension was kept at bay. military tanks separated promubarak protesters are antigovernment protesters. meanwhile, the obama administration is beginning to talk to them about the transfer of power. >> there needs to be a transition process that begins now. it must initiate a process that respects the rights of the egyptian people that leads to fair elections. >> one way democrats s
is now. >> reporter: protestors urged president obama to go further. >> president obama, say directly to mubarak, you have to leave and peace will be returned to egypt in one second. >> reporter: the state department is helping americans leave egypt. but the university of california says it used its own resources to get 19ucla archaeological students safely out of the country. the 19 students flew on a charter flight to spain and should return to california this week. >>> now, coming up on the cbs evening news, katie couric reports from cairo tonight with protestors saying the time has come for a new egypt and she is going to have the latest on the crisis at 5:30. >>> well, proof tonight even luxury isn't safe from the recession. a nearly century old high-end hotel in the east bay has filed for bankruptcy. juliette goodrich with what this means for the future of the claremont hotel and spa, juliette. >> reporter: hi, allen. you know, on an absolutely beautiful day like this, the claremont hotel is breathtaking. take a look at this. it is a fixture in the bay area. but claremont and ba
moammar kadafi of again side. we have more from the white house where president obama condemns the violence. >> reporter: amateur video shows protestors in libya planting their own flag of independence on top of a government building in the capital of tripoli. demonstrators say they have taken control of benghazi, libya's second largest city. gunfire rang out under the player of car horizons and chanting crowds as protestors celebrated. the revolt is weakening moammar kadafi's 32-year grip on power. at the un top dim mats called for kadafi to resign, repudiating him as a war criminal. >> two libyan fighter pilots who said they were ordered to fire on protestors landed in nearby maltake seeking asylum. crack downs have left more than 200 people dead. the white house is urgeling them to avoid violence as they keep a close eye on the unrest spreading across the region. >>> in yemen the u.s.-backed president refuses to step down even as thousands of demonstrators rally for his resignation. and in bahrain temperatureses are still boiling, now a group of young protestors are demandin
on rate increases has been made yet. >>> president obama wrapped up a quick trip to the bay area this morning. he boarded air force one at sfo, traveled up to portland, oregon. he visited an intel plant that's being expanded there. san jose's mayor points out, the brains are here. but the tax incentives to build and create tech manufacturing jobs are in neighboring states such as oregon. >>> a personal revelation on the house floor. >> the gentleman from new jersey has just put my stomach in knots. >> the unexpected and emotional speech by representty jackie speier. >>> a convenient new stop for commuters. how soon bart will open its doors to a newest dublin station. >> and it's a bird, it's a plane, and that's something terrorists should fear. ,, ,,,,,,,, >>> whoops! this is not a parking position the owners of the house are used to nor do they want t firefighters say that it was a 69-year-old woman who lost control of her suv and drove right into the side of the garage there. by the way, she snapped a gas main in the process. the accident happened early this morning on oak str
. even doctors in cairo staged a major rally. president obama says the egyptian people have america's support and calls for an orderly transition to democracy. >> we are witnessing history unfold. it's a moment of transformation that's taking place because the people of egypt are calling for change. >> reporter: the egyptian military is making plans to secure the country. there are more questions for the future of egypt. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. >>> and breaking news. late this afternoon, federal prosecutors dropped six charges against barry bonds in his perjury case. but it's not clear why. the former san francisco giant still faces five charges that accuse him of lying to a grand jury about his use of performance-enhancing drugs. bonds is scheduled to stand trial on march 21. >>> disturbing allegations tonight in the east bay. a 7-year-old says he was sexually assaulted at a boys & girls club. the boy told police it happened in the bathroom at the club in east oakland. juliette goodrich joining us live with word that just as disturbing, the suspects are other childre
poverty and government corruption. the obama administration has walked a diplomatic tightrope with its egyptian ally. a special envoy reportedly told mubarak that the u.s. sees his presidency at an end. at the same time, u.s. officials are pushing for what they called an orderly transition. >> throughout this process, the united states will continue to extend the hand of partnership and friendship to egypt. >> reporter: earlier tuesday, the state department ordered nonessential u.s. personnel out of egypt and thousands of other americans made their way to cairo's airport in an attempt to leave, as well. [ chanting ] >> reporter: pressure to reform is mounting on other arab states fearful the protests and violence could spread. the king of jordan and the palestinian authority announced they will soon hold elections that have been delayed for years. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. >>> and coming up on the cbs evening news, katie couric reports from cairo tonight talking to protestors who are demanding a new beginning for their country. she is going to have the latest on the crisi
. today president obama condemned the violence. >> the suffering and bloodshed is outrageous, and it is unacceptable. so are threats and orders to shoot peaceful protestors and further punish the people of libya. >> secretary of state hillary clinton will travel to geneva on monday to take part in an international discussion on the unrest across that region. >>> rescuers are using drills, saws, their bare hands sometimes, to pull earthquake survivors from the rubble in new zealand. one woman was found after being buried under debris for 24 hours. her husband, overcome with joy when he saw her alive. but it's been harder and harder to find survivors. crews are having to make some heart-wrenching decisions. >> there's been, frankly, no sign of life in this building for the last eight hours or so. and so we are concentrating our resources where we know that we can get maximum benefit. >> so far, 120 people have been rescued. 76 people confirmed dead but nearly 300 people still listed as missing. >>> after more than 70 years, the golden gate bridge is going to get a face-lift. th
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8